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Steps get third support act for their tour

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Announced today on Channel 4’s Teletext was yet another support act for the arena tour. They are Fred and Roxy, a duo of girls who are so far unknown. Let’s hope Steps are giving a boost into showbiz to the right people.

With the choice of Lolly and A1 on their first UK tour we can rest assured that this is going to be a good choice. The other two support acts that have been announced are Point Break and Marvin & Tamara. We can only hope that Fred and Roxy will provide more entertainment than these two! Still we can be persuaded to change our opinions on them, after all Marvin and Tamara are kinda cute and Point Break I’m sure are a top act once they loose their Byker Grove image.

It was also previously thought that Mero would be supporting, but since their career has been put on hold until the spring to work on some new material it now seems unlikely that they will be joining Steps on their dance into the record books. Out today are the two pop magazines Smash Hits and TOTP. In TOTP this month there is a cool Steps poster booklet, which is well worth the price of £1.50 especially as there are even more Steps articles in the actual mag. As always, Smash Hits comes out on top too packed full of Steps goodies so make sure you get that one too! It’s only £1.25, go on treat yourself.

Yesterday, Lisa and Lee presented the Pepsi Chart as one of the three specials presented by pop guests including B*witched and S Club 7. This is the second time that Lee has presented the show, last time he did an excellent job with Faye. But last night it was Lisa’s turn and they were both fantastic. Clearly after a lot of practice on other shows they both knew what they were doing as they hardly got anything wrong. The show will be on Channel 5 this Thursday at 7pm so don’t you dare miss it! And to prove that the group haven’t lost it and gone all showbiz they even managed to fit in time to give fans autographs in-between takes. Steps really are a very special group indeed.

We were also treated to the entire performance of After The Love Has Gone which was ab-fab. For everyone that went along it was a Steps experience to be remembered and a great taster of things to come on the tour. This performance will be shown on a later Pepsi Chart, likely in two weeks time once Steps have gone to number one. It was great to see the place packed out with GenSTEPS readers and it was even better meeting you all! So thanks to everyone for all the compliments on the site and for being so nice, it was amazing to meet people that read the site face to face.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, the group were live on This Morning today. They played the show out with a great performance of the fab new single After The Love Has Gone.

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