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Truth or Tat: Lee’s chemical burns? Steps fall out?

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Taken from “Tat Or Truth” from Channel 4 Teletext:

Lee from Steps is wearing a scarf round his head to cover up chemical burns caused to his head by straightening his hair. Meanwhile, Nat Scooch got H in a head-lock after he called Scooch “a Steps copy band” at a TV show. This was reported by The Sun. The response:

“Both Rubbish” says Steps’ PR. “Lee was totally mystified by the story, as he doesn’t have his hair straightened. As for the Scooch rumour, the two bands haven’t been been on a show together in ages.”

Meanwhile the stories come thick and fast! Rumours of Steps falling out continue with news that they flew to Berlin asking to sit as far away from each other as possible. Reported by The Mirror. The response:

“How nice of The Mirror to print gossip that’s two months old,” sighs Steps’ ever-helpful spokesperson. “The reason why Steps didn’t sit together was that there were plenty of seats left on the flight, so they booked three seats each to chill out and lie down. Wouldn’t you if you could afford to?”

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