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Scooch in a feud with Steps?

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This is from the TOTP website:

If you thought pop stars were part of one big happy family, you’d be mistaken! It seems pop rivals Steps and Scooch have been at each other’s throats – quite literally!

It has been reported that H from Steps accused Scooch of being a pale imitation of the his group. H defended Steps’ honour in a behind-the-scenes TV fracas when Scooch’s lead singer, Natalie, claimed Steps were just a karaoke outfit who simply cover songs!

No doubt, any rivalry stems from their managers’ past problems (anyone remember Stock, Aitken and Waterman – pop producers extraordinaire!), who were once a successful pop-producing unit before splitting over money issues.

So, if Scooch’s and Steps’ choreographed routines begin to resemble kick boxing stances and tai chi moves, we’ll know that the pop feud has risen to a more physical level!

Huge demand in Cardiff has meant that the open air gig has sold out, which is very quick taking into account that the prices are high and they have recently announced dates for their winter tour… so well done Steps! Tickets for London’s Hyde Park are still available.

If you bought the new Britney Spears album today (Oops! I Did It Again) and got it from HMV you would have received a promotional booklet, it is rather like a concert programme but promotion for the album. Steps appear in the section titled Britney & Friends. The picture was taken last year at the Fox Awards. Unfortunately it seems that this is a Jive UK production and won’t be sold in the US, but if it does sell with the album in the US perhaps it will show a few Britney US fans Steps, and make them buy the US version of Step One! Every copy sold counts!

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