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Steps’ Disney concert reviewed

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Next Monday til Friday, the Dutch children’s channel KinderNet5 will show the Steps show that they did at Halloween. Tt starts at 07:50 GMT and 01:00. They show the gig and the behind the scenes preview of the video and there is a chance to win the video everyday.

BRAVO Super Show is going to be shown on RTL (German channel television) on 26 February at 4pm CET and Steps performed there! Here’s the line-up for the show: A*Teens, Atemlos, Aqua, Bastiaan Ragas, Oli P., Echt, Kelly Family, HIM, Sabrina Setlur, N SYNC, Christina Aguilera, Westlife, Vengaboys, Laura, DJ Bobo, Melanie C, Emma Bunton, Die 3. Generation, Sisqo (Dru Hill), Sasha, Steps, Pur & Jay Malic!

Thanks to Andre for sending in this review of the Disney concert. Not seen it yet? Well there are still a few repeats see the home page for the times!

The Steps Disney concert has been something that has been highly anticipated by American Steps fans. Finally, a chance to see their fave group in action! As well as the big promotional boost they need to make it in the US and make them well known. (We have to remember that in concert specials made ‘Nsync, who are now a major dominating force in the American music scene, known to many people who had not known them before!) Steps more than likely took this into account and gave us all a great show.

Now the question on everybody’s minds is: “Did they sing live?”

And I am more than happy to announce that the concert was done 100% live with a band, (There is hope for a live band at the tour in May then! – Matt) and they sounded great. Their dances were done at a slightly slower pace so they wouldn’t run out of breath but it still looked marvellous!

OK, now to the concert. Most of the songs were cut short seeing as they had interviews with the band in-between each song, so they could get better acquainted with the public! The concert started off fabulously with a wonderful performance of Last Thing On My Mind. During the dance break in the song they moved on to the interview with the group. They talked about how they were put together, why they have the name Steps, and why they waited so long to come to America. As Claire explained: “We wanted to come to America with a story to tell”.

After this wonderful introduction to Steps. the concert went on with a performance of the UK version of One For Sorrow, which was edited to make it shorter but included all the highlights and showed all the fans doing the dance steps! They then went on to talk about each other and their thoughts on one another, and were then put into the Disney costume department and set loose to pick out a costume for themselves and one for each other.

H picked out the costume Adam Sandler wore in the Waterboy. Faye chose Bette Midler’s outfit from Hocus Pocus. Lisa was Tinkerbell from the film Hook. Claire was an angel, and Lee a spaceman. When they were done having their few laughs they changed and put on clothes they chose for each other. H dressed Lee up as a clown, Lisa got H into a bunny rabbit costume, Lee dressed Faye like a little Indian girl, Claire dressed Lisa like a cheerleader, and Faye dressed Claire like Whitney Houston from the TV movie “Cinderella”.

Afterwards they moved on to do 5, 6, 7, 8 – once again live! The live band gave it a little more of a western feeling but sounded perfect! Then again they went back to talking to the band. They talked about when they first met each other and what their opinions on each other were, and then went on to perform Say You’ll Be Mine. It was obvious that the audience were enjoying it, and trying to keep up with the dance steps and follow along with the group. Once again cutting the song short, they went back to the Steps interview and they all went to do things they enjoy.

Lee was working out at Muscle Beach in LA, Lisa got some henna tattoos on her hand, and Faye got her palm read. Then as the group was walking down the beach an odd man on skates and a guitar started following them. They stopped for a chit chat with him before moving to a fab live performance of Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart, again with the live band giving it some kick! Then once more to the interview where they talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up!

Once again with the man on skates, they sang Tragedy acapella with the odd man playing the guitar for them and it sounded flawless. And finally they gave the show a Step-tastic finish performing their current US single Tragedy! The show was over-all amazing with them wearing white outfits throughout the entire thing and looking fab. It more than likely has the kick to give Steps a rather broader fan base in America and hopefully get them to chart. Now if for the Steptacular arena tour they sing live with a band like they did here, you guys are in for a real treat!

Andre hit in on the head with his last comment! For the Steptacular Arena Tour in May STEPS will need a live band and to sing more live if they are going to be taken as a serious act, really this tour is just as important as their 3rd album. GenSTEPS and the public awaits for this to be delivered!

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