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Steps deny they are going RNB

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DVD Note: If you are still struggling to find the extras on the DVD, just use your chapter selection. Yes, it’s not the way they want you to find the hidden parts – but it might save you having to watch the entire DVD – especially if you just want to jump to say the One For Sorrow US Video. I won’t post here what chapter does what exactly (as some people will want to do it the proper way) but just play around with the chapters. The hidden ones are towards the higher numbers of the chapters, so have fun exploring!

From Ananova:

Steps say they will not be jumping on the R ‘n’ B bandwagon. They say moving away from their familiar pop sound would alienate their fans. The band say trying to be “cool” on their third album Buzz proved a mistake. Steps’ Lisa Scott-Lee told “We’re not going to alienate our fans. We won’t come up with a jungle album!” Claire Richards added: “We’re a pop group. We know what we do best. We can’t rap. We’re not black. We’re not R ‘n’ B.” H said Steps have learnt from their past mistakes: “I think with our third album Buzz, because the whole pop sound was changing with the Backstreet Boys and Britney and NSync, our producers tried to go down that international route, which is fine, but the album didn’t sell as well. “Steptacular, our second album, is such a great pop album. When we worked on Buzz, I argued at the time why try to be cool when you’re not.” Gold, Steps’ greatest hits album, is out now.

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