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G-A-Y performance reviewed!

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Here are the credits for the new songs on the Gold album:

Baby Don’t Dance
(P. Cunnah / S. Elis)
Produced by Peter Cunnah and Simon Ellis for Byrne Blood Productions.
Mixed by Dan Frampton.

Only In My Dreams
(L. Evens / C. Richards / L. Scott-Lee / F. Tozer / I. Watkins / A. Frampton)
Produced by Andrew Frampton.
Mixed by Dan Frampton.

Words Are Not Enough
(P. Nylen / A. Carlsson)
Produced & Mixed by Walter Turbitt and Mark Taylor.

Just a note on these credits, didn’t someone say that Peter Cunnah (D:Ream fame, Things Can Only Get Better) was writing songs for Buzz, and never made it? – Perhaps this IS that song?! Just a thought…

I’ve had a quick look at the DVD and it is impressive for a Jive DVD to say the least. It seems some effort has been put into this one! So if you have a DVD player get hold of this. My local store had RUN OUT of copies! No joke, the person on the till had to go and open another box in the store room for me lol.

I’ve had lots of e-mails about where the Too Busy Thinking About My Baby and One For Sorrow (US) videos are on the DVD, well thanks to Gary on our message boards you can find them!

“When you are watching Summer of Love a Symbol in the shape of a S will appear in the top right hand corner of the TV/Monitor all you have to do is press enter, then you can watch TBTAMB video (live performance). To get the One For Sorrow US video it’s exactly the same only it’s during the One For Sorrow UK video: the same symbol in the top right corner, just press enter again. There are also some others, like when they first met is also on, if you press enter when the symbol is on during the It’s The Way You Make Me Feel video.”

There you go, thanks to Gary for that. Will probably save you hours of stress lol.

Get your hard earned money out! The Gold Greatest Hits package is officially released now! The Gold CD, VHS and DVD are all out to buy right now! No one has been able to remove Kylie from the top of the singles chart but lets get Steps to try and remove her from the top of the albums and video charts! So go and buy this week and not wait for it to be an Xmas present! :o)

Talking about their G-A-Y performance, Worldpop now has their entire show! Catch it at

Thanks to Stephen for this review of Steps at G-A-Y this previous weekend. Please note Steps are due back at G-A-Y in February 2002, therefore we will assume that a new single WILL be released around that time.

Well, what can I say? The atmosphere inside the Astoria on Saturday night was (as ever) fantastic! I was lucky enough to have bought tickets in advance so didn’t have to join the queue which stretched right from Charing Cross Road back in to Soho Square.

The acts at G-A-Y don’t make it on stage until about 2am in the morning, and Steps were no exception. After a long wait, the stage was cleared and the club’s promoter Jeremy Joseph came on stage! After giving us details of future acts (Geri, Gabrielle) it was time for Steps. On they bounced, wearing pretty much what we have been seeing for the past few weeks, brown/beige/gold/white. The crowd went mad and the show was great. I can remember most of the songs they did but in what order I’m not sure as I had had one or two sherries and a couple of Gary Abletts!

I know they opened with Tragedy and they also performed LTOMM, DSOB, OFS (during which H was VERY rude), ITWYMMF & SOL. The best bit by far had to be when they left the stage and the video of 5,6,7,8 was shown. When it ended, an announcement was made that there was a ‘medical emergency’. As I’d hoped, Steps came back on stage in the outfits from the latest video EXCEPT Claire wore a short nurses dress (not trousers – she looked FAB) and Lee didn’t wear a shirt under his coat and we got to see his lovely chest. They performed Chain Reaction and the crowd screamed – this was finished off with a balloon drop (gold, naturally) and the crowd handed over flowers and other gifts to all members of the band.

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