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Steps branching out from PWL?

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Steps seem to be branching out and the rumours about them not working with PWL aren’t totally false. According to Channel 4 Text (pg 145), Steps want to grow up with their fans. Demo tracks for the new forthcoming Steps album (possible release Christmas 2000-early 2001) have already been recorded.

So far, apart from the tracks written by PWL, there are contributions from Cyndi Lauper, Gary Barlow and “Mutt” Lange. For you that don’t know, Gary Barlow was one of the members of Take That and did a bit of writing for the group. Mutt Lange is Shania Twain’s husband who produced her albums, including Come On Over which has sold 17 million copies in the USA alone – the album is also 9x platinum in the UK. Mutt also produced tracks for the latest Backstreet Boys album, Millennium, and has also worked on Britney Spears’ forthcoming album Oops!… I Did It Again (15 May 2000).

Lee promises: “We have to grow up with our fans. The next album won’t all be shiny pop. Our look will develop too. I’m glad we won’t have to wear those cheesy yellow costumes any more. I hated them.”

What does this mean for Steps? Well, it’s great news, especially if they want to break the US market. This could give them the added boost needed, and is a collaboration with Max Martin on the cards? It would sure sound interesting.

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