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Claire, Faye & Lisa to promote Garnier skincare

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Thanks to Jason again we are able to tell you that Steps need a miracle to get the UK #1 single this week! But they can get the #2 single with your help! Official sales figures place Steps only 6,000 copies behind the current #2 single A Song For The Lovers by Ex-The Verve front man Richard Ashcroft. STEPS currently sit a #4. Sales so far for the single have just passed the 33,000 mark. The current number one Craig David is over the 78,000 mark.

In better news, Steptacular seems certain to move up four places on the album chart from number 20 to number 16.

Thanks to “Naughtyminx2000” for sending this in:

Lisa, Faye and Claire have been signed by Laboratoire Garnier to promote their Synergie Pure range. The promotion is entitled 3 Steps To Perfectly Pure Skin and features pictures of the girls looking au naturel. You can see the first advertisement in this months new look Top Of The Pops magazine, it folds out into a large gatefold advert with large pictures of the girls and quotes from them too.

Also in Top Of The Pops is a Steps Poster mag in which H hits out at last years Brit Award fiasco. When asked in an article about which Steps member you’d vote into parliament, H says he wouldn’t handle the defeat very well.

He says: “I like to get my own way. If I lost I wouldn’t be dignified I’d storm the stage. I’d make sure I won. I’d rig the vote. Why not? We’ve been the victims of vote rigging. Just look at last year’s Brits when Belle and Sebastien took our crown!”

This follows a few other outspoken comments from H, like on yesterday’s MTV Select show when some one requested Melanie C, H pointed out that Mel hadn’t been the nicest person to Steps and said he couldn’t understand why she was always slagging them off!

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