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STEPS at Oxford

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STEPS have been asked to give a lecture at Oxford University. The group will talk about their experiences touring the world and how it feels to be one of the top pop acts. One student said “I can’t believe how low the Oxford Union has gone!” (Source: Channel 5 Text / The Sun) Top British popsters Steps are set to surprise their many critics – by taking part in an intellectual debate at Oxford University. The stars have been invited by the prestigious Oxford Union Debating Society to join the ranks of previous speakers Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa and the Dalai Llama by participating in an open debate. The union has been trying to ‘jazz up’ its image by inviting stars like Minnie Driver, Jerry Springer and Mr Spock Leonard Nimoy to appear. Students, however, are none too pleased with the idea. One said, “I can’t believe how low the Oxford Union has gone. “What will it be next? Billie Piper talking about the Euro? This has gone beyond a joke. “Steps are hardly the sort of people we want to attract. They would be more suited to addressing an audience of five-year-olds than a room full of intelligent students.” (Source: Dotmusic)

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