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Steps and Spice Girls to clash? Plus more concert complains

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This isn’t confirmed or anything, I’ve just been having a think about possible release dates for Steps new single and putting that in relation to the confirmed Spice Girls release dates. The new Spice Girls single is due out on 23 October 2000 with their new album out on 6 November 2000 in the UK. As Steps are recording at this moment I think it is pretty safe to say that a new video won’t arrive until September sometime. As the new Steps album is out in November sometime the single must be released before the pending album. Unless Jive rush release a new single in September the new single must be released in late October, which brings them close to the Spice Girls release. If this does happen Jive might have to delay the single a week which means if Steps were to get their second UK #1 they would have to remove the Spice Girls from the top, now wouldn’t that be an interesting situation? Thanks to Julie for sending this in!

I don’t know whether you saw it but the main letter of the day in Wednesday’s Daily Mail was a complaint about the Steps concert in Margate. Unfortunately somebody got it into the bin before I could relay it to you. The gist of it was that the programmes ran out which resulted in last year’s being sold at full price. The family stated that there were no tickets on sale on the gate so numbers were known, so there should have been enough programmes. The support bands were on for far too long – I have to agree there though, I’ve seen Steps twice and the support bands have been dire! I would pay double the price just to see Steps. Apparently Steps were due on at 8.50 and they were late on, playing for 70 minutes with no encore! This is another complaint about the open air dates which means that we’ve received complaints about the Hyde Park, Cardiff Castle and Margate open air concerts now, hopefully the last two will be a little more organised.

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