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Thanks to Andre for pointing out that at the Tower Records US Site a STEPS CD is due for release on January 23rd 2001. The site has it listed as Buzzz which is spelling of the track name on the album Buzz. We are trying to get confirmation of this date if it is true or not.
Thanks to Troy for sending an e-mail about the STEPS track Paradise Lost on Buzz. This track is causing a stir amongst Ace Of Base fans on various sites on the Internet! Due to this track and a couple of others on the Buzz album which sound like something Ace Of Base would easily do a few Ace Of Base fans now like Steps, so now STEPS have even more people on the pop journey that is STEPS. If you know anyone who likes or did like Ace Of Base and doesn’t like STEPS to try this on them and perhaps we can convert a few other people!

Further on from our story on the US release it has come to light that unfortunally for you US fans that there are no plans to release Buzz in the States, and that the information at Tower Records was incorrect. If the non-US release changes at any moment I’ll be sure to get it up here as soon as possible!

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