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You might have watched last nights MTV Europe Music Awards from Sweden. Some of you will have noticed that once again two of the biggest acts from the UK, All Saints and the Spice Girls didn’t do their songs live, nor have a live band but most of the US acts either did it live, had the band and most of the time both! Anyway the reason I bring this up is because of comments made my Melanie C from the Spice Girls about STEPS not singing live at concerts …….. she is one to talk then if the Spice Girls can’t be bothered to do it Live in front of an estimated worldwide TV audience of one billion people! STEPS have yet to perform at any major award ceremony but lets hope that when they do that at least do it live!
In the HMV store in New York there is a wide range of STEPS CD’s for you to buy! Buzz sets you back $24.99 there so if you have that lying about live in NYC and want a copy then get down there! Thanks to [email protected] for that information.

Thanks to Troy for pointing out that the Platinum Christmas album has its own website at where you can hear the STEPS song along with the others that appear on the album!

Remember that WHSmiths has got all chart CDs priced at £9.99 including the new STEPS album Buzz so if you don’t have a copy then go get it now! Or grab a copy at this price to give to a friend at Christmas!

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