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Just a quick note, Lee was on Play UK yesterday afternoon, only saw it in passing so I have no idea why he was on the show!
Anyway here with the “proper” news:
Thanks to Pieter from Belgium for this news. Since Monday TMF is showing “Stomp”. Also he went to the record store and they have the single “Stomp”!!!! This was very strange because TMF is showing “It’s the way you make me feel” since two weeks. Anyway, “Stomp” is officially released on 5 February, but it’s already in stores now!!!!! So all the Belgian fans should go and buy it!!!!! I hope you can put this in the news.

You heard Pieter there, if you are in Belgium get down to your local store now!

I just found this again, it got lost! Anyway STEPS appear on the 2 CD BRITS album. Stomp is the penultimate track on CD 2. Thanks to Derek for this information!

I know that a lot of people have been talking about the Comic Relief song, which STEPS never got. Just a point here, last time about we got Boyzone doing a cover song, and now we have Westlife doing yet another cover song (even though the media was reporting that Westlife said they would never do another cover song again!, So that was short lived by them!)

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