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Interesting US Developments, Jive Merger, More Belgian news!

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In the new UK Charts which where released today, It’s The Way You Make Me Feel drops down to number 19 in the singles chart. Buzz moves down to number 25 in the albums chart and the Live Wembley Video goes down one place to number three. For the full chart listings, including the Indie chart placing then see our chart page!
Like the UK the US is also having a bad time with Pop Music on its charts as major acts such as Britney, Backstreet & *NSYNC’s singles & albums are failing to make a long term impression at the top of the charts compared to what they where doing 18 months or so ago.

BUT it seems this could be opening the market up to UK Acts, and as STEPS plan to hit the US shortly there is a ray of hope for UK acts in the US. The last single from S Club 7, Never Had A Dream Come True, was the most added song to US radio last week! As the US charts are based on 90% airplay this has to be good news for S Club, hopefully Jive have noticed this and will get STEPS rolling out into the US sooner rather than later!

This seems to be in the news quite a bit, if everything goes ahead Jive will become the 5th Biggest Record Label in the World:

Are BMG and EMI closer to becoming one? Word is that the long-rumored union is almost done. One sticky point remains Virgin Records, which European regulators insist EMI must sell before they approve the deal. One scenario has Zomba Chairman CLIVE CALDER acquiring Virgin and buying back BMG’s 20% share in Zomba’s Jive label.

Thanks again to Pieter for more news from Belgium!
In the Belgium magazine “Joepie” STEPS appear in the latest edition. There is an interview at the behind the scenes of the Stomp video. In this interview they say that the next single in Belgium will be It’s The Way You Make Me Feel, and the album Buzz is due for release there at the end of this month (February!) STEPS are also set to appear at “Hitkracht” in Belgium in the next few weeks!

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