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More Jive Greatest Hits, H Article, Chain Reaction single – 25th August 2001

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Sorry for no update yesterday, I was cleaning my room out and decided to move things around and moved the computer around the room etc.
Anyway seems that Jive Records are on a greatest hits album vibe. The Backstreet Boys have now confirmed that they have a Greatest Hits album being released in October – also being released on VHS & DVD – so lets hope Steps get the same treatment with a DVD release here in the UK! Like Steps the BSB album will have 4 or so new songs. Just this seems a really sudden announcement from Jive, and with NSYNC sales falling drastically in the US I have a feeling that something isn’t right at Jive Records at this moment in time ….

Thanks to “Buzzsteps” for the other article that was in the News of The World earlier this week:

Camp star H from Steps came close to losing his job when it took holidaymaker Cheryl Cairns in his arms.
Before hitting the big time H was a blue coat entertainer at Barry Island.
Cheryl recalls: “I went with my parents for a weekend break when I was 14. H was about 18 or 19 and we had a mess about in the dance hall. Then we went for a walk and we didn’t realise how late it was.
My Mum and Dad came looking for us and dad was really angry. He was going to kill H for keeping me out until 3am. He threatened to report him for been so irresponsible.
“I think Dad thought more had gone on that actually did-all we did was talk and have a kiss. It was’nt my first kiss, but from what I remember he was quiet good. I had to talk my dad around to make sure H didn’t lose his job.”
H was so grateful he wrote her a thank you note: “I really like you and am really sorry about what happened. I can’t thank you enough for sticking up for me. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have a job now. Thanks once again. Lots of love H. PS Please write xxx”
Sadly Cheryl, now 20 of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, lost his address and has not seen him since, but she is a Steps fan. “I was so surprised when I saw him on the telly,” she added. “I have some of his CDs. my favourite is When I say Goodbye.”
Two other girls also had crushes on H in 1994. Mum of five Jennifer Eaton, of High Wycombe, Bucks, recalls: ” my daughter Carrie was 13 at the time and her cousin Hayley 7.
“H was really good with the children. The older girls were also after him, but Carrie had a big crush on him and kept this photo by the bed. When Steps started she recognised him immediately.
Thanks to everyone for sending in this, well it seems like everyone did! Amazon now have the single listed:

This is CD1, we are aware that this is set to be a 2 CD set, tracklisting though leaves a little to be desired :

1. Chain reaction (radio edit)
2. One for sorrow (Tony Moran remix)
3. Stop me loving you
4. Chain reaction (remix)
5. Chain reaction (remix)
6. One for sorrow (remix)

Right …….. we all are aware that 6 tracks is too much for a UK single!

CD2 is listed but has no cover and comes with the same track listing therefore the track listing above will be what is on both CDs .. if you want to buy these singles then you can pre-order from Amazon now – Chain Reaction CD 1 | Chain Reaction CD 2 and you can also pre-order the Gold : Greatest Hits album

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