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Message Board, Sales Figures, Video, Smash Hits – 3rd October 2001

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If you have signed up recently for our message board and have yet to receive the confirmation e-mail then please e-mail me with your name and e-mail address as I might have your confirmation e-mail in my inbox as it was firstly rejected by your e-mail account. Thanks.
Thanks to Chris for keeping us on top of this weeks sales figures, sales up to yesterday (End of sales Tuesday) where:

1 Cant Get You Out Of My Head – Kylie – 37,500
2 Hey Baby (Ooh Aah!) – DJ Ötzi – 20,600
3 What Would You Do – City High – 17,300
4 Chain Reaction – Steps 15,200
5 Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm – 11,300

From Monday sales Steps have closed the gap on City High in just a day. It does seem thought that CD2 was infact limited and I’ve not seen any copies in my stores this week which seems to be effecting the sales of Steps this week BUT if sales do continue at the same rate Steps could sell another 40,000 or so this week bringing the 2 week sales up to the 150,000 mark.

Also I will also mention this, thanks to Natalie and a few other Nurses, yes you heard me correctly – who have e-mailed me saying that they don’t understand why some nurses have been getting all upset over the Steps video! And that they actually enjoy the video and see no harm in it!

As we’re in a sort of awards mode we have found out that we made the Top 200 also in the Dotmusic awards – I’ve lost the e-mail but we ended up at around 157 and winning our 3 other awards it’s been a busy week for us! Thanks to everyone who voted and look out for GenSTEPS in a few Computer Magazines in the next couple of weeks!

I got an e-mail today from the London Arena saying that the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party Tickets are now on sale, the event is on December 9th and tickets cost £25 each. Steps don’t have a concert on the 9th December so they might be making an appearance!

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