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Mel C takes another swipe at Steps

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Right this is getting boring now, I think. Mel C has again taken a swipe at Steps. She has been quoted as saying: “They don’t write their own material, they’re not serious musicians. Don’t put them in the same category as me.”

Really now where do I start. They don’t write their own material… and the Spice Girls do?!

Now correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the Spice Girls co-writers of their material? And what does that prove? Well not much, as nothing is told about how much work they really did. Or on the other hand they do write their own stuff but it’s so bad that other writers are required to make it sound better? Serious musicians indeed… I’ve never see the Spice Girls play instruments live. Remember that both Faye and Lee (I think!) can play the saxophone which is quite a difficult instrument to play.

I’ll stop there but I feel that this is the Spice Girls feeling slightly worried about their UK market domination. Sure the Spice Girls are huge and have sold tons but ever since Steps did their 33-date arena tour last year, Mel C has seem to have taken it aboard to moan about them. Oh dear really what are the Spice Girls coming to? Don’t get me wrong here I own every single Spice CD that has been released in the UK but this is getting just as stupid as the Robbie vs Noel battle…

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