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Live on Sky Box Office? Split & Oman Reports, Xmas Odds – 11th October 2001

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Thanks to Chris for sending this in!
He tells us that he got a letter sent to him this morning saying that the show at the Manchester Evening News Arena on December 22nd is to be filmed for a Live TV Show.
I think we can all assume that the Live TV Show will be Sky Box Office. The previous Sky Box Office show was also released on video (although it was seriously edited).

Lets hope this is true and the Gold Greatest Hits tour (see setlist below) will be live on TV! :o)

About the sales figures I gave yesterday. It seems there are about 3 versions of who sold what going around at this moment – in short Steps are currently either number 5 or number 6 depending on what one you read lol

From Ananova:

Bookmakers William Hill say Steps are odds-on favourites to follow Five’s example and split before the end of the year. William Hill cites the release of the band’s greatest hits album Gold as a sign of Steps’ imminent demise. They make the band 2/1 favourites to be the next big pop band to break up. The bookies are also citing other factors including H’s wish to appear in musicals, Lee’s interest in film acting and the girl’s long-term relationships as other possible factors. A1 are quoted as 5/2 second favourites to split next, followed by Hear’Say at 7/2, Liberty at 4/1 and The Spice Girls at 5/1, reports NME. Rumours that Steps are set to part company have been constantly denied by their spokespeople.

I find this funny, it seems due to the GH they are favourites, Hear’Say and Liberty are ahead of the Spice Girls?!

From Worldpop:

Geri Halliwell and Steps have spoken for the first time after their concerts entertaining the British troops in Oman, with Steps calling the show the most sexually-charged experience of their lives! According to a UK tabloid Claire said, ‘Some of the soldiers have been out here for three months in the desert without sex, so we decided to give them a bit of glamour and show a bit of flesh. They loved it when we changed into our nurses’ outfits for Chain Reaction!’ Geri Halliwell also wore a uniform but plumped for her own soldiers’ outfit to sing a version of the ’70s sitcom It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’s theme tune. Surprisingly Geri also performed Spice Girls’ song Who Do You Think You Are? The Oman concert was the first occasion Geri had performed a Spice song since leaving the band. The Oman troops are based in the desert and had christened the natural landscape ‘Halliwell Hills’ in anticipation of Geri’s visit. Both Geri and Steps admitted they had never seen anything like the troops’ reaction to their performances. ‘Our audiences are usually kids and parents,’ Steps’ Claire Richards told The Daily Star. ‘I’ve never seen so many men at a Steps gig – well, not straight men! They’ve been very attentive. I’ve never had my picture taken or signed autographs for so many men before.’ After the Oman show, Steps travelled inland to perform a show for the Marines. The band visited aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious but had to leave quickly before the US launched their attacks on Afghanistan. H also got to fly a Hercules aircraft even though he can’t even drive a car! Steps will return to Britain today to promote their forthcoming greatest hits album, Gold. The band will be signing copies of the album at the Virgin Megastore in Piccadilly Circus on Monday at 5pm. The event is strictly ticket only and tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis from the Megastore from 11am on Sunday 14 October.

Steps are the 16th Favourites at 25/1 to be Christmas Number one this year in the UK. Favourites are Kate Winslett at 7/2 with Westlife (yawn) and Atomic Kitten joint second at 5/1. Steps are above acts like S Club 7 but below Childrens TV shows like The Lampies, Pokemon & the Tweanies! No odds for Bob The Builder yet lol. Steps fair a little better for the number on Christmas album being the 4th Favourites at 7/1. Westlife, Robbie and Madonna have higher odds.

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