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Channel 4 text interview and Gold clips leak

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As you are probably aware, clips of the three other new Steps songs have found their way onto the internet. We won’t be putting them up until the official album release as we don’t need Jive on our back.
There are already many discussions about these new songs on our message boards so check out and post what you feel!

Channel 4 text (page 145) have got an interview with Steps up. It talks about the greatest hits album the forthcoming tour and more! It reads as follows:

“Taking more than just 5,6,7,8 steps to a hit, top pop combo Steps have sold a few records y’know – twelve million worldwide to be exact. Cor berlimey, no wonder they’re wacking together their best bits for Steps Gold : Greatest Hits. Don’t worry tho’, it doesn’t signal the end of the band. Lisa’s here with Club to reassure, and recall loadsa great stuff.

“People have stopped asking us that, that goodness” cheers Lisa Steps as she confirms the grillings of a split were beginning to grate. “We’ve never even spoken about splitting up so I think it’s quite rude when people ask.” Yeah but you are releasing a greatest hits … “We’re closing one chapter and moving on to another. We’re writing all the time.”

When you’ve made as many hits as Steps have, it’s hard to pinpoint a fave. Well Clubs got a few anyway! C’mon among the 14 there’s Tragedy, Last Thing On My Mind and … “Its The Way You Make Me Feel” says Lisa “It’s a lovely ballad and I really like the video. The girls made their outfits and I have a lovely aqua dress which is my favourite colour so I was very happy about that.”

Their greatest hits album his the shops on Monday and during her time in Steps, Lisa Scott-Lee has had plenty of fabby moments. Winning a Brit for squillions of tour sales, topping the charts just how many times? Can there be owt else? “Watching Madonna rehearse at TOTP” confides Lisa, “They ordered everyone out of the room but because I’m Little I managed to hide”

We all know they did a dazzling Bee Gees cover, then there was Kylie. Now Steps have had a brill response to Chain Reaction. “It was basically an idea that the management came up with” explains Lisa. “There’s always a worry with covers but they thought we could do it well and I think we’ve modernised it. I think we’re a bit young to be Diana Ross fans but she’s a classic.”

As if we weren’t already bounding about like excited toddlers on Crimbo morning, Steps are touring to support their Gold: Greatest Hits! “It will be a two hour show moving through the time of Steps from 5,6,7,8 onwards” Lisa tells us. “We’ll be doing solos as well. Whatever your favourite Steps song, it doesn’t matter because we’ll be doing them all!”

We have gossip from the recent Woolworths Book Signing. Apparently, too many tickets were issued at the signing recently and rather than let Steps leave through the main entrance where queues of fans were waiting for a signing, they were smuggled out on top of the roof at the store. One of them got left behind somehow and they had to wait for the missing member!”

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