Steps in 2022

Listen to Lisa play the keyboard

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If you’ve ever wanted to hear a member of Steps playing a musical instrument, now is your chance. Go along to the TOTP website and listen to Lisa play The Winner Takes It All by ABBA on her keyboard! I have to say she’s very good at it and she sounds fab 🙂

I can just imagine the group performing One For Sorrow with Lisa on her keyboard in a shiny white suit bopping her head to the music like Benny (or was it Bjorn?).

After The Love Has Gone has been added to the Box, selection number 119. To vote / request the song ring 09001 22 77 00, calls cost 60p per min. Average call time about 70 sec. So what are you lot all waiting for? Get Steps to the top of the charts with their greatest achievement to date! Plus it’s a cool video so it’s a right bargain for your money.

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