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Is Britney the support act?

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Latest reports say that the international mega star Britney Spears could be the support act for Steps on their record-breaking 33-concert arena tour.

The report in the Sun newspaper yesterday said:

Teen star Britney Spears is set to return the favour for Steps, who are supporting her current sell-out tour of the states.

She says: “I’ll be opening for them when they start touring in the UK next month.”

But bear in mind that this was on the same page as the now famous 911 article about the group splitting up,s o whether this is true or not is yet to be confirmed.

This story could have been made up by the newspaper after a few suggestions by members of Steps in various interviews that they would like Britney to join them on tour. Does anyone remember the story about Lee and Britney made up by the Sun after one little comment that he would like to get to know her better?

If this is true, it could have an extremely large impact on the UK music industry. Britney Spears is a singer that is quite capable of touring on her own, so the tour could become more of a double-headline tour.

Not only is the Steps tour the most talked-about in UK history, but once Britney decides to join, the fuss over this could be enough to give Steps that final nudge into mega stardom that they have been almost hitting ever since Tragedy.

Perhaps the most likely outcome is that Britney will join the group for only a few of the concerts, in particular the one to be broadcast on the 31 October. In any case, if Britney is added to the support act list it could give Steps a little more help at winning the public over as there are still a few people that don’t take the group seriously (I know its hard to believe especially with the quality of music taken from the second album).

Another act expected to be supporting Steps is A1. This is almost definite after the success on the Step One tour. And besides A1 are great so they would make a welcome appearance.

Context added in March 2020:
Britney Spears did not appear as the support act for Steps on any of their tours.

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