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Is Stomp a cover song?

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Wow we’ve had a lot of news sent in to us today! Thanks to everyone who has submitted something to us, it is sure to be here!
There has been a lot of talk about the new single actually not being that new. That is a possibility. The new single Stomp (as we said last Sunday) is already a song by the Brothers Johnson. The song was released in 1980 in both the UK and the US. In the UK the song charted on 23rd February 1980 and spent 12 weeks on the chart peaking at number six in the UK. For the month of April in the US the song averaged out at number 14.

Stomp The Music Video will be on The Box from Friday 29th September, this might mean that MTV will have the exclusive from the end of this week but that isn’t confirmed.

David has kindly pointed out that he ordered the book from Amazon and that his copy of the new book has already been listed as being shipped! This means he’ll be getting his copy before everyone else also! If you can’t wait a week to see if you have won our competition for the book you can order the book online by clicking here with £3 off the RRP!

Thanks to Chris for pointing out that the SMTV Live website that STEPS will be performing their new single Stomp on this Saturday’s show! Expect this to be the first of many performances as the single is still out the 16th October which IS still the same day as the new single from Westlife.

Thanks to Angelus who told us that during the summer STEPS have been filming the intermittent slots for the forthcoming home video also released the same day as Buzz on October 30th.

The 2001 Steps calendar has been spotted in Clinton’s Cards stores by Caroline, thanks for telling us that!

Thanks to Emma for sending this in!

STEPS star CLAIRE RICHARDS has ruled love out of her life in order to concentrate on her pop career. The “LOVE’S GOT A HOLD ON MY HEART” hitmaker, 23, says she took the difficult decision to embrace the single life after the failure of her last relationship. She says, “I haven’t got a boyfriend at the moment. I did for a while, but it was too hard to split my time between the band and my personal life. I was under a lot of pressure in the relationship. “I just thought, life’s too short. I have all the time in the world for a love life. At the moment, my career is more important to me. This is what I’ve wanted to do all my life, so I’ve got to make the most of it while it’s there.” Before she joined STEPS, CLAIRE was a member of the group TSD, who once supported Boyzone. She adds, “I got dropped from a great height when all that ended. I was going to give up singing because I couldn’t cope with the break-up of the band. But luckily my mum pushed me to do something else.”

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