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Iceberg Slimm loves Steps

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New hip-hop sensation Iceberg Slimm releases his debut single Nursery Rhymes next week, but the rapper told worldpop he is just as happy listening to Steps as he is to the likes of Dr Dre.

‘I think pop music is fantastic and there’s no reason why I can’t like that kind of sound,’ Slimm insisted, adding that he wasn’t allowed to listen to hip-hop as a teenager. ‘When I was younger gangsta rap was popular, which had a lot of negativity and foul language in it and my mum wouldn’t let me play that type of music in the house.’

Slimm added that he is happy that rap is becoming more radio-friendly. ‘Luckily things have changed and it has become a more acceptable type of music because there have been a lot of collaborations, like Wu-Tang Clan performing with Texas.’ The result of this unlikely duet was the 1998 Top Five hit Say What You Want (All Day Every Day), which featured raps by Method Man and RZA.

The rapper also told worldpop why he took his stage name from author Robert Beck who lived in Chicago in the 1920s. ‘His friend Sweet Jones gave him the nickname Slimm because he was so skinny,’ the modern day Iceberg Slimm said. ‘The Iceberg bit came about because everyone used to say he smiled too much and he should stop. In the end it got to a point where he didn’t smile at all any more so people started saying that he was cold, hence Iceberg.’

The rapper chose the moniker because of parallels between his life and that of the author’s. ‘His mum and dad broke up when he was at a young age, which is what happened to me,’ Slimm said. ‘He had to become an adult and fend for himself, and that’s also like me. I could relate to him a lot, I took his name out of respect.’ (Source:

Thanks to everyone who has pointed this out to me. The Kinder adverts are now on TV, if you noticed the advert it says that the new album and video will be released on 30 October. I’ve had a few people asking what the video is, I can only guess that the video is the live recording of the Steptacular Arena tour which took place at Wembley Arena at the end of the tour.

GenSTEPS recieved the new book today “Steps – In Private”, I’ve had a quick look over it today and I must say it looks great. I will make a full review tonight on the book. You will be able to read my review tomorrow and tomorrow I will also add the competition question where you can win one of five copies of the new book!

Some people here asking me about what time the book signing was taking place. It takes place at 4.30pm. Hope this clears some things up for people.

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