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H to pose nude for Attitude

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It’s still not confirmed but you could all be seeing pics of Ian (aka H) in Attitude magazine starkers soon. “Hooray!” I hear you cry!

Obviously this won’t be a “reveal all” photoshoot but I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to see those pics. For some reason this has caused a big fuss on the internet. This is nothing new as the group has appeared in the magazine numerous times alongside every other magazine with readers that are interested in the group. The fact that Ian has taken his clothes off for it makes no difference.

Reports saying that the rest of the group are worried about what this will do to their image seem completely made up as it would do nothing to their image whatsoever! And to suggest that it would just goes to show how much stigma still exists towards the gay community. If anything it would boost the group’s popularity. And it’s unlikely their management or the rest of Steps would care anyway. We don’t even know if he really did do this, so let’s just wait and see what happens.

Context added in March 2020:
In the end, this photoshoot actually happened and you can see it in our gallery.

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