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H & Claire talk new material

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Thanks to Stu for sending this in!

“I’ve just been listening to my local station Southern FM, they have had H & Claire on all evening! They have been chatting in depth about the split, but most of all they announced the next single! It’s called Half A Heart. Claire described it as a soul track, with a good groove. They also chatted about the album, which they said would be in the middle, between ballads, and songs like DJ. Benny & Bjorn from Abba are among the people writing songs for the album due out in November.”

Some people might find this interesting, at the recent MWAwards Jive Records won the award for best Independent Label and Zomba Records came second in the Top Independent Publishers. Warner Chappell only managed 3rd in the Top Major Publisher. Pinnacle (Jive UK Distributor) came 2nd in the best distributor award (I’m unsure who distributes for WEA/Warner in the UK).

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