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Gold Book, more info! US Vote, Text Request, Australia News, Webchat – 28th August 2001

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Today we received more information on the forthcoming Steps Gold book! Read all about it below!

(Please note that the cover is not finalised yet and might be changed for the final release!)

Book published September 27th, 2001

Steps Gold is the first book ever written by Steps themselves. Lee, Claire, Lisa, H and Faye look back over their career in their own words – their singles, and the videos that have gone with them, plus the best moments from their live shows.

Ever since 5-6-7-8 was released back in 1997, Steps have been a massive hit and they are the biggest selling touring act in the UK – bigger even than the Stones or U2! Published by Virgin Books priced £14.99, Steps Gold is a look back at the first four years of their great adventure and includes over 100 photographs (including some embarrassing early ones!).

Steps Gold is published to coincide with their Greatest Hits album (released on October 15th) and Steps will be launching the book exclusively at Woolworths, Edgware Road in London, culminating in a signing session for their fans at 4.30pm on October 3rd.

“We’ve decided to celebrate the life of Steps so far by bringing you a whole Greatest Hits extravaganza in the shape of Gold: the album, the tour and the book. Discover which tracks are our favourites and some of our best-kept tour and video secrets! We want you to think of Gold as the end of the first chapter of the Steps story – and the beginning of a new exciting one!”
Lee, Claire, Lisa, H and Faye.

Again if you missed the information about the fan signing you can still get tickets!
Tickets are on a strictly first come, first served basis – to apply for a ticket please write enclosing an SAE to:
Barrie Lucas, Woolworths Plc, Woolworths House, 242/246 Marylebone Road, London NW1 6JL.
(2 tickets per application only)

We are at least going to try and help Steps in the US – if you like to dislike the song or whatever, that isn’t in question here. Over the next couple of days we are going to target specific states in the US and everyone who visits this site – if they could request – even at one station in the state – we could make an impact, and if other sites follow and choose the same state then perhaps an even bigger impression could be made!
Now remember when requesting please type something like this in the reason box; “I really like the song Mars & Venus and wanna hear it” – something simple like that – what we don’t want is stuff like “Steps RULE” or “Steps are the best” – they probably won’t listen to that and won’t play it! Keep it simple and friendly! Also if you have a .com address rather than an address (or something) use that as people from the UK requesting in the US is going to look strange. So today we are targeting the Washington State (The state not the city!) So click the link below and choose Washington – it’ll be towards the bottom – and you get a bunch of Radio Stations listed. If you only have time for one request choose the top station, KBKS Kiss 106.1 – and click on the grey ‘Play My Song’ and request the song! If you have time request too all stations on the list!

Thanks for your help with this, I’m sure Steps will appreciated it if we manage to help them gain some airplay in the US!

Use This URL:

Thanks to Graham for this news from Australia! The new single there might be a re-release of One For Sorrow! Interesting to say the least. If we get any more info on this we will post it up!

The News of The World are having a Steps Webchat coming up shortly – you have until Tomorrow to get you questions in for them to be answered – you can get the URL over at – the web chat takes place later in the week. So get those questions coming in now!

Whilst your in a voting mood, you can pop over to MTV and request Steps online for free! Just click on the text request link and request Steps!

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