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Australia clear up (we think!), BRMB Review, US Radio Update! – 30th August 2001

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US Radio Update! Right you know we’ve been asking you to vote for Mars & Venus on US radio and that we where concentrating on the Washington state? Well we’ve had a result! On Kiss 106.1 in Seattle they are playing the song!! No jokes or anything! So for now please request Mars & Venus in the Washington State on Kiss 106.1! No matter where you live! I’m reposting what we said a couple of days ago, but please still request this song! If they get enough requests they might even permanently place it on their playlist :o)
Now remember when requesting please type something like this in the reason box; “I really like the song Mars & Venus and wanna hear it” – something simple like that – what we don’t want is stuff like “Steps RULE” or “Steps are the best” – they probably won’t listen to that and won’t play it! Keep it simple and friendly! Also if you have a .com address rather than an address (or something) use that as people from the UK requesting in the US is going to look strange. So today we are targeting the Washington State (The state not the city!) So click the link below and choose Washington – it’ll be towards the bottom – and you get a bunch of Radio Stations listed. If you only have time for one request choose the top station, KBKS Kiss 106.1 – and click on the grey ‘Play My Song’ and request the song! If you have time request too all stations on the list!

Thanks for your help with this, I’m sure Steps will appreciated it if we manage to help them gain some airplay in the US!

Use This URL:

Some of these stories below are a few days old, I’ve just had an e-mail backlog and only just getting to some of these!

Thanks to David for sending in this news! The Canadian release of Buzz seems to be down for 11th September 2000 according to HMV – they don’t have a tracklisting online yet though.

News from Belgium – thanks to Pieter for sending this in. He heard on the radio that the next single there will Summer Of Love, released next month, it will then be followed by Chain Reaction in December and the Greatest Hits album!

Thanks to “Resident Evil” for sending in more news from Australia. He says that he has spoken to someone at Zomba Australia and infact the next single release in Australia is a double-A release of Chain Reaction / Summer Of Love. Yes it’s all confusing these stories but thats what it is like in Steps world sometimes!

Thanks to Chris for pointing out that Here & Now / You’ll Be Sorry is out in New Zealand this week!

For those of you who have been saying that you don’t believe a video will be released with Gold, I have it on good grounds that a video will infact be released! So hopefully that will stop some of you worrying. Also it is set to be released on DVD also – so those of you with these DVD players (I know I have one) can get it in DVD greatness :o)

I’ve been sent a couple of reviews of the shows that Steps appeared at recently, I’ll post them up here on the news page so you can read them. Thanks to Nicki for sending in this review of the BRMB Party In The Park show:

I arrived at Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium at 7am with my friends, hoping to be as near to the stars as possible (namely Steps!). The waiting paid off, and we found ourselves as close to the front as we could have been! The main reason for me going to Party in the Park was to see the fabulous Steps again, but I also enjoyed the other 29 acts on stage! (Well, maybe not all of them…..why were Right Said Fred there?!)
It was obviously a case of saving the best till last, as Steps were the last act on stage at about 5.45pm. I’d been waiting for this all day, and me and my friends made as much noise as possible when Steps appeared! They were given a very warm welcome from the 35,000 people in the crowd, and began with Tragedy, with most the audience joining in! They then went on to perform Here and Now, It’s the way you make me feel, Stomp and the US mix of One for sorrow. They then left the stage quite hastily, announcing that they were done……but I think most people had gathered this wasn’t the end! They came back on stage to finish with Chain reaction, which went down really well. At the end of their 30 minute set, the presenters had trouble getting Steps off the stage, as the applause went on, and on, and on!
They all looked really good……nice to see them back in colour co-ordinated outfits!! H was his usual self, prompting many “ooohh oooooh” choruses and lots of screaming! Claire also did quite a bit of talking, and Lee confirmed Chain Reaction’s release date of September the 24th.
Overall, I’d say Steps totally stole the show! (Just like last year) They easily got the best reception out of all the acts (which also included Geri, Hear’say, Victoria Beckham, A1 and Atomic Kitten) and I enjoyed every minute of it!
This was the 10th time that I’d seen Steps, and they get better all the time! Can’t wait until I see them again :o)

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