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Forthcoming book and will Steps perform in the US?

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You might remember a few months ago we broke the news about a new Steps book which will be hitting the shelves of your nearest book store this Autumn. Well today we received the new cover for the book, it is shown below. Thanks to the publishers for sending the new cover to us!

Thanks to Kai for correcting yesterday’s new on the Steps US promo CD. Actually, I received this same promo CD (basically a Jive promo CD, all artists on the CD are signed to Jive) from JC Penney’s, it’s called noise: happy tracks (JC Penney’s has a free quarterly teen magazine called noise, aimed at both teenage boys and girls) and it has eight tracks including one from Steps, but the song is not One For Sorrow, instead it is Stay With Me. It seems Stay With Me is used as the song was written by Mutt Lange. Thanks to [email protected] for sending in this news!

Ok, I have just called Zomba NY, and Zomba CA because has updated saying Steps are in the US and that we might be treated to a live performance. A woman answered in NY and was… uhh nevermind. She didn’t know who they were! CA was a guy and was nicer, he said he wasn’t sure but to keep checking their websites. So all of you cross your fingers for us Americans! We know that Steps are in the US recording tracks for the forthcoming new album, so if you are in the US keep your eyes peeled as Steps might pop up in your town!

This is taken from Channel 4’s Truth or Tat: Story: Steps are planning a new range of merchandise – including temporary tattoos and their own perfume and other toiletries (Sunday People) The Truth: Hard to tell, judging from an unusually hesitant Steps PR. “It’s possible,” he conceded. “The band’s management haven’t warned me of anything about this and I’ve not had a sniff of the story, pardon the pun. But that’s not to say something isn’t being planned for the future, I guess.”

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