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Faye to perform with LIVE band

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Thanks to Emma for typing up this Interview from Metro:Faye Tozer, 26, is one fifth of chart topping band steps. Born in Northampton, she presents this Sunday�s CBBC prom in the park, where she will not only perform with STEPS, but also as a solo vocalist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. How strange will it be to appear with a full-on orchestra? A live orchestra behind and singing live�it will be fantastic. You�ll actually be singing live? (laughs) Scary, huh? I�ll be doing one of my own songs that I wrote for the last album, If You Believe. Mum�s going to be very proud of me! Do Steps not get the recognition they deserve? We�re going very well actually. Sales wise maybe, but what about the music press? Everyone will criticise every sort of music. We get a lot from people who do indie music. Pop people criticise others. Everyone gets that in some way and we�re fine about it. We think we do a really good job and we�re still here four years later with the GOLD album, so we can�t really complain. So, no truth in the split stories? No. This is what happens when you call an album Gold, greatest hits. We�d prefer to call it a compilation of the hits so far. But that�s a bit too long. Just how long can the band go on for? We were surprised to go past the first single-so lets be realistic. For a pop band, four years is amazing. We all know it�s going to end one day, but then again, we thought that two years ago. You have a reputation for hard work. How hard is it to lead a normal life? You have to decide what your life will be like. If you can shut your door, you can stop everything. If you want to be seen out in public, you can go down to the Met Bar and get trashed there. You can�t stop people from knowing you, but you can shut that door if you want. How much do you get recognised? Lot�s. I�m quite lucky, everyone knows me where I live and the novelty�s worn off. It�s part of the job, and we�ve learnt how to deal with it. Is the reaction good? It�s varied. People are sometimes offended by Steps. We do wind people up� Do you think so? Isn�t the worst thing someone could say is that you�re inoffensive? Absolutely. Because it�s complete bubblegum, people think that�s a problem for them. People who are looking for rebellious music can�t stand Steps. You get those little teenage rebels coming up and sticking their fingers up at you-it�s really funny to see them. Who do you get on with best? I get on with all of them at different times� Quickly take us through them. Lisa�s my partner in crime when we go out clubbing. Claire�s more mumsy- she pampers us. She�s very loyal and a total shopaholic and will always find whatever you�re looking for. Lee is a shoulder-a really good listener. He�s also one for going out on the razzle with. H is good at cheering people up- he�s the one who always remembers everyone�s birthday. Ok, tell us something that would surprise me about you? I�m afraid what you see is what you get. There�s no surprises here. But you do need to know that our new single CHAIN REACTION is out soon. It�s off the GOLD album and we�re touring at the end of the year. The show is on BBC1 live (I believe) so get watching! From Worldpop: Steps fans will be in for a treat when the poptastic quintet perform not just one but two tracks on tomorrow’s SM:tv Live and cd:uk. H, Lee, Lisa, Faye and Claire will be kicking off SM:tv with their last massive hit The Way You Make Me Feel before taking to the cd:uk stage for their new single Chain Reaction. The guys and girls will also be sticking around for all the fun and games so make sure you tune in early to see them. Steps fans! It’s time to beat a record on the next tour! Again from Worldpop: Not content with their two world records as the group with the fastest-selling debut single ever and the only group to top the single and album charts with their debut single and album at the same time, Hear’Say last night set a new record for the loudest Wembley crowd. Mid-way through their first London concert, the band asked audience members to cheer as loudly as they could. A Guinness Book Of Records adjudicator monitored the sound and announced the band’s new record of 128.8 decibels. Contrary to tabloid reports, the concert was sold out and the arena was full to bursting with excited fans and their parents.

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