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DVD Extras, Steps NOT going RnB, Jobs from us – 16th October 2001

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DVD Note: If you are still struggling to find the extra’s on the DVD. Just use your chapter selection – yes its not the way they want you to find the hidden parts – but it might save you having to watch the entire DVD – specially if you just want to jump to say the One For Sorrow US Video .. I won’t post here what chapter does what exactly (as some people will want to do it the proper way) but just play around with the chapters. The hidden ones are towards the higher numbers of the chapters, so have fun exploring :o)
From Ananova:

Steps say they will not be jumping on the R ‘n’ B bandwagon. They say moving away from their familiar pop sound would alienate their fans. The band say trying to be “cool” on their third album Buzz proved a mistake. Steps’ Lisa Scott-Lee told “We’re not going to alienate our fans. We won’t come up with a jungle album!” Claire Richards added: “We’re a pop group. We know what we do best. We can’t rap. We’re not black. We’re not R ‘n’ B.” H said Steps have learnt from their past mistakes: “I think with our third album Buzz, because the whole pop sound was changing with the Backstreet Boys and Britney and NSync, our producers tried to go down that international route, which is fine, but the album didn’t sell as well. “Steptacular, our second album, is such a great pop album. When we worked on Buzz, I argued at the time why try to be cool when you’re not.” Gold, Steps’ greatest hits album, is out now.

Public Apology: I’ve had a few e-mails posted to me in the past weeks from concerned visitors and recently on the message board the same topic has arisen, I have no idea if the two are related but I assume they where not. I am making this Public Apology to all those visitors who I might have offended over the past few months, either personally or as a decision that I’ve taken and/or said on the site in public. I’ve been under a lot of stress recently caused by various things (which I won’t go into here) and these actions that I’ve taken where probably done in a matter of urgency rather than taking a back seat and having a think about what I should have done. I promise that from today, 16th October 2001, this will not be happening again and I will think more before acting on impulse. It probably happened because you caught me at a bad time, which is why I am asking for help (below) to ensure that I won’t get as stressed out as I have been over the past few months. Again I am very sorry to those who I might have offended. :o) ~ Matt

I’ve been having a few conversations with a range of visitors on the boards, and via e-mails over my comments and sometimes attitude expressed on this site. To cut a long story short my life isn’t where it should be at this moment in time and I’m doing a lot of work in my own time to get it to where I want it to be and now and again updating this site becomes a burden rather than a fun task. Therefore I am asking you the visitor to help me out. I know I’ve asked before and I will be asking again for help. I need people – really who don’t have their own site or are willing to give up there site to help me – who have a good grasp of HTML/Graphic Design etc who can update this site as regularly as I try to do (Basically Daily) with the latest news, new pictures, updating song reviews, adding tour reviews, updating chart pages, adding videos (if you have that facility) so if you are truly interested then PLEASE e-mail me ASAP at [email protected] – Thanks.

We are looking for people to do specific jobs, i.e Just news, or Just Song Reviews etc. If you are interested in doing a specific section please mention that when you e-mail me!

Bring your humour and style to this website! :o)

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