Steps in 2022

Disney concert review

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I have finally seen the much publicised Steps Disney concert that premiered last month on the US Disney Channel. I have made some conclusions from it and hopefully Steps and their management will take them on board, if not I can see a lot of disappointed Steps fans come the end of May. The obvious delight that I had was of course the introduction of the live band even thought some of the songs were obviously not live, having a live band took made is slightly less obvious that they were in fact miming, as it doesn’t sound identical to the CD copy that you have lying about at home. For May, I know that I want to see a live band, and if it is the same band as the Disney concert I don’t think there is much to worry about. Apart from that it was nice to see Steps do more songs live, which proves they can do it – so hopefully we will see that transferred to the Next Step arena tour!

In March we should see more promotional work for the forthcoming single Deeper Shade Of Blue (3 April).

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