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There has been a lot of e-mails back to me saying that a Canadian release of October 30th is impossible. Now that I’ve had time to think about it I’ve realised that it can’t be true either as Canada is like the US and new albums are released on a Tuesday which would mean October 31st if the album was being released. We now have people working on trying to get a release date for Canada and if we get anything it’ll be posted up here as soon as we hear it!

The new single Stomp is out tomorrow, so make sure you go out and buy a copy! I believe CapitalFM have moved their time of their run down of the biggest selling singles of the day from 7.30pm to another time or have stopped it altogether (last time I listened around that time) so if I find out the time they play it now I’ll start posting up the positions as soon as possible!

Thanks to Derek for sending in next weeks Woolworths Chart:

1 Samantha Mumba – Body 2 Body (2xCD’s) (CD £3.99 / Cass £2.29)
2 Fatboy Slim – Bird Of Prey (CD £3.99 / Cass 99p)
3 Steps – Stomp (CD £3.99 / Cass £2.29)
4 Blur – Music Is My Radar (2xCD’s) (CD £2.99 / Cass £1.49)
5. U2 (Full price)
6 Robbie / Kylie (Full price)
7 All Saints (Full Price)
8 David Gray (CD £2.99 / Cass £1.49)
9 Honeyz – Not Even Gonna Trip (2xCD’s) (CD £2.99/Cass 99p)
10 Delerium (Full Price)

If this chart is accurate Stomp will become STEPS’ highest charting single for a long time and would beat the position of After The Love Has Gone which was the single before the Steptacular Album release. Usually singles before new albums do sell less (unless its a Westlife release!) as some people save their money for the album out shortly afterwards which can effect chart position!

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