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Buzz official press release

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Firstly here is one for all you Canadian Fans. Buzz will be released in Canada also on the 30th October! So make sure you get your copy. Thanks to “AoBGuRu” for that information!
Thanks to Char for forwarding this from her friend at [email protected] for giving us the producing credits on the forthcoming Steps album:


Steps’ much awaited third album finally hits the shops on October 30th. Jam packed with an astounding 15 tracks, ‘Buzz’ boasts 5 PWL productions – including ‘Better The Devil You Know’, ‘Summer Of Love’, ‘Stomp’ and two brand new tracks, a Euro-inspired ‘You’ll Be Sorry’ and the beautiful ‘Paradise Lost’. ‘Stomp’ will be released through Jive/Ebul Records


Better the Devil You Know+
Summer Of Love+
It’s The Way You Make Me Feel¬£
You’ll Be Sorry+
Learn To Live Again@
Never Get Over You*
Hand On Your Heart@
Happy Go Lucky#
Here And Now{
Paradise Lost+
Turn Around~
Wouldn’t Hurt So Bad$
If You Believe%

+Produced by Topham, Twigg & Waterman. Recorded at PWL Studios, London.
£ Prduced by David Krueger and Jorgen Eloffson for Cheiron Productions. Recorded at Cheiron Studios, Stockholm.
@ Produced by Produced and Arranged by Andrew Frampton for Phonogenic. Recorded at Olympic London and Battery Studios, NYC.
* Produced by Ray ‘Madman’ Hedges in the Mothership.
# Produced by Andy Goldmark and Riprock ‘n’ Alex G. Recorded at Battery Studios, NYC.
{ Produced by Andreas ‘Quiz’ Romdhane and Josef Larossi. Recorded at Soundtrade Studio and Quizlarossi Studio, Stockholm.
~ Produced by Graham Stack for Metro.
$ Produced by Andy Goldmark and Jimmy Bralower. Mixed at Battery Studios, NYC.
% Produced by Chris Porter. Vocals recorded at Battery Studios, London.

UK Release Date: 30th October 2000

This is a little late (I’ve been rushed of my feet over the past two weeks) so just in case you’ve not seen the tracklisting for the new single, Stomp, out on Monday then it is:

1. Stomp 3.22
2. Stomp (W.I.P. Mix) 6.08
3. Tragedy (W.I.P. Reception Mix) 6.57

Stomp is also single of the week next week at Woolworths!

Thanks to Char again who has pointed out that Jive Records have set December to be the next provisional date for the next STEPS single to be taken from Buzz. So it does seem that STEPS are entering the Christmas single race after all ! No news on a single or double-A side as of yet.

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