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Belgium Single, Pepsi Chart & Competition!

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Thanks to Pieter in Belgium for more Belgian news! The news single “Summer Of Love” is going to be released on the 24th September in Belgium I also have received a possible tracklisting from a record store 1. Summer Of Love 2. Summer Of Love (remix) 3. Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) It’s possible that there will be another remix of “Summer Of Love” on the single. In Belgium we always have four or more tracks on a single from Steps.Thanks to Derek for this Pepsi Chart news!: I unexpectedly went to Pepsi Chart tonight at sound republic in Leicester square where Ed Case, Sam Mumba, Dido, Steps & Victoria Beckham were performing. Steps not be on this week but maybe next week. Dressed in a baige variation look the four burst onto the stage. Yes, four! Where was Claire? “She’s doing a number two” declared H, “When she comes on stage, all make farting noises!”, Lee, Faye and Lisa rolled with laughter! They had to leave the stage due to technical problems and re-entered as 5, some of the audience making farting noises much to Claires embarrasement. At the end of a stomping performance of Chain Reaction, H asked the audience “Do you like our new single?” to which their was a rousing “Yes”. Most of the audience were hoping the routine would need a re-take but unfortunately the only retake of the night went to Victoria Beckham. Now do you like competitions? Well if you do we have another one this weekend! – Really you are probably saying – well it’s true! Full details this weekend!

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