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Quick update before I personally kill my Cable Company, from Dotmusic: Next up was Steps who thought they should get an award for the best boy/girl group and when quizzed about their Gold tour, H joked that you could expect “elephants, giraffes and tight-rope walking” but we’ll see! “It’s our fifth tour now and whatever your favourite Steps song is we’re going to be playing it,” confirmed Lisa. “From ‘5,6,7,8’ right the way through to ‘Chain Reaction’.” The quintet then put the record straight about rumours that this was a Steps farewell tour. “No�it’s a hello tour,” they all replied. “You’re going to get all the hits and a few surprises,” said Faye. Here’s an Interview from Worldpop: Who would have thought that more than four years after 5 ,6, 7, 8 Steps would be one of our best and best-loved pop groups? Now H, Lisa, Lee, Faye and Claire are set to storm the charts with Steps Gold, their greatest hits collection. We caught up with the quintet to discover their next step! worldpop: Where did you get the idea to cover Chain Reaction? Lee: It was from our manager actually. He’s wanted to do it for a long time and we’ve held back from doing it before, but we all decided we’d give it a go this time. We had a huge hit with Tragedy and I think we’re trying to get the same reaction from Chain Reaction!. worldpop: If you met Diana Ross what would you say to her? Lee: I’d say sorry!. Lisa: No, I just hope she likes it. I know it is a classic but hopefully we’ve turned it into a modern classic. worldpop: We hear there are some new tracks on Steps Gold. Lisa: Yes, we’ve got about four bonus tracks, including Chain Reaction. We’ve got one really beautiful song. It’s quite different for us because it’s really sophisticated and we don’t dance! It’s out at the beginning of December and it’s called Words Are Not Enough. Lee: It’s very much the same sort of vibe as When I Said Goodbye. It’s a slow song, we’re sitting down singing and there’s no major dance routine. The only difference with Words Are Not Enough is that you will hear all of our voices, which is a bit of a one-off from Steps. worldpop: Do you want to get away from the dance routines more in the future? Faye: I don’t think Steps will ever get away from the dance routines because that’s 50% of what we are: music and dancing, and that’s where the name came from originally. But it’s a treat to sit down and not do anything! We look at all the other bands who just stand there with microphone stands and sing and it’s an easy life for them! We’d like a little bit of that so we’re spoiling ourselves for Christmas. worldpop: Have you got any solo projects in the pipeline like Boyzone and the Spice Girls? Claire: We haven’t discussed solo projects. We’re concentrating on the Gold album which is out on 15 October and the Christmas single. As for next year, we’re planning a fourth album so that’s going to take up the majority of our time. Faye: We might book in a holiday for ourselves. Lee: That’s my solo project! worldpop: Steps Gold, is that a reference to Abba? Faye: What do you think? Lee: Blame our manager! Lisa: It was our manager who named our album. He’s having quite a bit of input at the moment! He seems to have good ideas and he came up with Gold for the title. It does relate to Abba and also Spandau Ballet and they obviously had massive, massive greatest hits records so we just hope for similar success. worldpop: We’ve heard lots of rumours that you’re going to split up after releasing Steps Gold.. Lisa:We have been asked if this is our last album because it’s the greatest hits and I like to say that it’s the end of a chapter and not the end of the book. It’s not the end! Interview: Emily Rayner Camera: Jim Bloxham From Ananova: Boy George is to impersonate David Bowie in a special edition of Stars In Their Eyes. He has been a fan since he went to his first Bowie concert in 1973. Other stars taking part include Claire Richards from Steps, Sonique, A1 and Belinda Carlisle. Sonique will impersonate Donna Summer and Belinda Carlisle will be doing a Connie Francis impression. Stars In Their Eyes: Pop Stars Special is on ITV on Saturday, October 6 at 6pm. I think we all have our own personal opinion on Liam Gallagher from Oasis, but I’ve picked up on this: Gallagher reignited his simmering public row with Blur’s Damon Albarn, describing Albarn’s new band Gorillaz as “nonsense”. It is like three-year-old’s music, worse than Steps. Whatever happened to his beloved Blur?”

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