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This is a bit old but I’d though I’d place it on the site just in case you might have missed it. There is a small interview with Lisa and Lee on The interview can be read here or you can see a video of Lee and Lisa answering the questions!

On The Box, Steps’ current single Summer Of Love remained at number two on Box Tops behind the current UK number one The Real Slim Shady.

Here’s another interview, this has been edited from the original interview on Channel 4 Text:

Claire on the rumours:
“Journalists seem to make it up with no truth at all, I wouldn’t have been any more surprised to wake up and see it was ‘Claire quits Steps’. We laugh about (the rumours). Whenever the slightest thing goes wrong, we all say ‘That’s it! I’m quitting the band!'”

Claire on the group splitting:
Claire feels that if the group would have split it would have happened when they where touring the USA. “That was make or break time, the prospect of months on the road, living in each others pockets, being away from home… if anything was going to break friendships, that was. But it made us stronger, as we where there for each other when any of us got homesick. We’re better mates now.”

Claire on Steps long-term future:
“Put it this way, we’ve got our third album and a tour at Christmas, then another tour is scheduled for summer 2001. Maybe we should have a long-term plan, but I know what I’m doing for the next two years. That’s long enough for me.”

Claire on the new album:
” (Summer Of Love was) the only one we’ve had time to record, what I know about the new album is we’ll be having more of a say in the writing. We’ve lasted for three years, which is an achievement for a pop band. To keep ourselves interested, we need to move on. That means writing our own songs.” Claire says her new tracks will show her love of singers. “I love singers with huge voices and a big range like Mariah and Whitney. My songs will make the most of our voices, I hope.” What about H’s? “It’s H who’s written with Gary Barlow. He went up to Gary’s house for a weekend – H is even more excited than usual with the results!”

Claire on the press and fellow singers:
“We try to do as much for ourselves as possible. We can get by with our manager and an assistant to sort out our lives. So why do singers surround themselves with armies of security guards and hangers-on? Watching some ‘stars’ ward off three fans is just silly.”

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