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Words Are Not Enough covered in Brazil

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The new UK charts were announced today. Probably the most interesting movement was the Gold Greatest Hits video moving back inside the top 20 to number 17, perhaps a good enough hit for Jive to actually release the tour video! I’ve always said it will probably released around Christmas if it was indeed to be released.

Thanks to Ian for sending in an article from the Daily Express about Claire wanting a role in Mary Poppins.

This was posted by an user over at H & Claire’s official message board:
“There is a cover of Steps’ single Words Are Not Enough, done by a duo in Brazil. It’s quite a good version but not as good as our Steps one! The duo are called Sandy and Junior.”

I did some research and I found the song. It’s not as good as Steps version. The CD that contains the song is called “Internacional”. This is them… in case anybody’s interested:

1. Love Never Fails
2. Words Are Not Enough
3. Right Thing To Do
4. When You Need Somebody
5. Don’t Say You Love Me
6. Precious Time
7. Must Be Magic
8. We’ve Only Just Begun
9. Don’t Run Away With My Heart
10. This Is Me
11. Whenever You Close Your Eyes
12. O Amor Nos Guiará
13. Super-Herói ( Não È Fácil )

Sandy & Junior will release their album “Internacional” in UK also their first English single “Love Never Fails” to due out in UK this year (the album and single debuted at #1 in Brazilian charts). Their second single for this album will be “Words Are Not Enough” in Brazil and possibly in UK too.

The duo is famous in Brazil for ages. They’ve released 12 albums, they are brothers and also have a sitcom!

Be interesting if they do bother to release Words Are Not Enough here, if they do actually get any success here in the UK.

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but Nickelodeon SEA are showing the Teen Nick Steps concert on the 13 July 2002 (I know its been mentioned on the boards!)

A Swedish article talks about H & Claire planning to cover a track by Bjorn and Benny from Abba called Another You Another Me. The song was originally recorded by Swedish brother and sister group Gemini in about 1985.

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