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Thanks to Derek for this news! In the Woolworths chart for next week, Steps are at number two with their new single Chain Reaction behind this week’s Number one Kylie! Now it’s time to prove that chart wrong and make Steps number one, this is possibly one of their biggest chances to go number one for a while so go out and buy both CDs and make sure you help Steps hit the UK #1 spot! Here is the Dotmusic verdict on the Steps single: STEPS – ‘CHAIN REACTION/ONE FOR SORROW’ (JIVE) Who said Steps were finished? Anyone who’s heard this will immediately realise this is complete nonsense. In a time of acoustic whingers, angry metal and bland pop we need Steps more than ever. Considering they did a pretty good job on the Bee Gees’ ‘Tragedy’ adopting it as their virtual signature tune, Lee, H, Claire, Faye and Lisa tackle another classic and succeed in making an already contagious track into an even more delectable pop offering that will lapped up in equal measure by pre-teens and office party goers alike. It would have been a mammoth task to actually fail with a track like ‘Chain Reaction’ and in true Steps style the end result is as infectious as pop gets. Score: 4 out of 5 Thanks to Karl for sending in the credits for the new Steps single! Chain Reaction (B. Gibb / M . Gibb / R . Gibb) Produced by Graham Stack and Mark Taylor for Brian Rawling productions. Mixed by Walter Turbitt, Mark Taylor and Graham Stack. Executive Producer : Tim Byrne Stop Me From Loving You (Claire Richards, Ian ‘H’ Watkins and Steve Anderson) Produced by Steve Anderson for Therapy Music. Engineered and mixed by Paul Wright at Olympic Studios. From Ananova: Steps have upset members of the nursing profession with the video for their latest single Chain Reaction. The female members of Steps are dressed in nurses’ uniforms, white stiletto heels and plunging necklines. They have been accused of exploiting nurses by making them seem ‘kinky and stupid’. Christine Hancock of the International Council of Nurses said: “It just isn’t a fair representation. Nurses would never look like that.” One member of the public complained to the Royal College of Nursing, reports The Express. They said: “It portrays nurses in a terrible light. The short skirts and provocative dance moves are all too much.” But the band claimed it was an innocent spoof on TV medical dramas like Casualty and ER. Steps singer Claire Richards said: “It’s all very tongue-in-cheek and should not be taken too seriously. We wanted it to look like Carry on Doctor.” Chain Reaction is released on September 24 We’ve had reports in that some people have seen the single on sale already! Now if this is the case I hope that you managed to stop temptation and buying it early! ITWYMMF suffered with early sales so we don’t want the same happening to this single!

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