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Will Lisa pose nude?

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This is from Sky One teletext:

“Steps babe Lisa Scott-Lee has hinted that she will consider posing nude following the lead of fellow Steps stars H and Lee. Faye and Claire have also adopted scantily clad posed for mags. “I never say never,” says Lisa”.

We’ve already appeared in UK internet magazines, UK national newspapers and now we’ve broken onto the TV screen: the news broadcaster CNN’s program CNN Dot Com! From what I’ve been told it was a special programme about fan sites which included Steps and other Jive Records artists such as the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. Along with GenSTEPS, the Official Site was also shown as well as Steptastic. Thanks to Sebastiaan at Steptastic for pointing this out!

Also after the special on these sites the researcher on the programme reinforced the importance of sites like GenSTEPS for the success of the act as usually the fan-based sites print the news that people want to hear and what the official site doesn’t print or cannot print for reasons. They also stressed the importance of giving sites such as GenSTEPS more rights with audio/video clips etc. We have always campaigned about the use of multimedia clips on this site but still with little luck, still it seems that Steps are the only act on Jive Records with such strict procedures in place!

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