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When I Said Goodbye video filming?

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Steps were seen filming wearing swimming costumes – and they were freezing! The source also said that they were all in silver and that the blondish one (H!) was wearing some silver make up on the whole half of his face.

Although only on one CD, Deeper Shade Of Blue has been listed in HMV as priced £2.99 whereas the new Richard Ashcroft single is £3.99. Could this just give Steps the edge in the battle? Also I would like to mention this again, when you buy your single make sure you buy it from HMV, Virgin, Our Price or Tower Records as other smaller outlets usually don’t have the system in place to make your sale part of the chart on Sunday.

Thanks to Mark for this information. In the current issue of Billboard, dated 1 April, Step One has dropped to number 118 in the US. Also, Tragedy has dropped from number 25 to 29 on the hot 100 singles sales chart.

Thanks to Jeff for this Canadian news:

“I was listening to the Kiss92, which is a radio station here in Toronto, and they have this show called “The 8 O’CLOCK SHOWDOWN” where they have two new songs and they battle them out to see who gets the most votes… yesterdays songs were 2gether with U+Me=Us (calculus) and Steps 5, 6, 7, 8 and I am happy to announce that Steps won the battle and are the new champions! You can vote online at – go to the music section.”

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