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Whatever happened to… Steps!

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Femalefirst posted this article yesterday, titled “Whatever happened to… STEPS?”;

Those who have been caught up in the New Year’s fitness DVD frenzy may have seen a familiar face in the shape of Claire Richards, or as she’s known to me and you, Claire “from Steps”.

Claire who is trying to goad us all into a fitter lifestyle with her DVD soundtracked by, (you guessed it!), Steps, has reminded us of our youths, misspent learning dance routines, (don’t pretend you didn’t, we know you did) and asking “what exactly do the boys do?” Nowadays the only question we want answering is what are the step-sters up to now?

The popstrels danced their way into our lives way back in 1997 with their line dancing, techno classic, 5,6,7,8 . During their 4 year reign on the pop world they racked up 5 albums, sold over 15 million records and got a nation dancing in sync but where oh where are they now.

Claire Richards
Well Claire Richards as we all know is now promoting her DVD 5 Step Fat Attack but after the split she tried her hand at replicating Steps’ success by forming a new band with band member H originially called H and Claire.

The pair experienced success with their debut single DJ , which reached number 3.Their next two singles, both hit the top ten but the duo’s debut album charted badly and they quickly entered splits-ville.

Claire’s “5 Step Fat Attack” DVD has been a big success and it is rumoured that her weight loss is in preparation for a return to music.

Ian ‘H’ Watkins
In the meantime Ian ‘H’ Watkins went back to school. He took up a musical theatre course at the Royal Academy of Music. His course was filmed and became reality TV show H-SIDE STORY. He has since became a real life actor appearing in productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Cinderella, and Fame.

His reality TV career continued as he came forth in Celebrity Big Brother 2007 and has recent starred in a production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang playing the part of the child catcher.

Lisa Scott-Lee
Her brother, Andy may be getting more press coverage nowadays for his gossip worthy and allegedy adultery filled marriage to Liberty X’s Michelle Heaton, but once upon a time Lisa Scott-Lee was the better known of the Scott-Lee clan. She racked up only two solo singles before being dropped from her initial record contract in 2003. She then signed a new record deal and released the single Get It on with dance act Intenso Project.

Like H, Lisa’s career took her down the reality TV show route, with TOTALLY SCOTT-LEE, airing in October 2005. The show challenged her to score a top ten hit with her next single, or she would be forced to quit the music industry. She failed in her challenge but the naughty scamp that she is continued to promote her music until the release of her album Never Or Now in 2007 .

Faye Tozer
Post-step Faye made a small return to music when she duetted with Russell Watson on track, Someone Like You which hit the top ten. It wasn’t long before she took back to a life on the open road, only this time she opted for theatre over music. The Topez has made quite a name for herself performing in Tell Me on A Sunday, Love Shack, alongside Noel Sullivan from Hear’Say and Jon Lee from S Club 7 She is currently taking on the role of Eva Cassidy in Over The Rainbow and is expecting a baby this March.

Lee Latchford-Evans
Life in Steps wasn’t always easy for Lee Latchford-Evans who was criticized by the Anti Fascist Action organisation in 2000 for allegedly saying, “there should be more jobs for English people.” He has lived a much less scandelous existance since leaving the band and like fellow Stepsters is a regular on reality TV.

He has been on THE GAMES, FEAR FACTOR, I’M FAMOUS AND FRIGHTENED and famously walked off TOTALLY BOYBAND which attempted to amke a super boyband from the remains of old bands such as S Club 7, Another Level, 911 and New Kids on the Block.

Although many joke he wasn’t very vocal in Steps’ tracks, he is proving now that he can in fact sing by fronting band “The Latch.” With their rock sound, they’re a million miles away from his poptastic roots.

Unfortunately there are no plans for the 5 to reform, all we can do is how they will catch the reunion bug and amuse ourselves by dancing to 5,6,7,8 whilst under the influence in the meantime.

(Femalefirst – Kate Teasdale)

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