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US ‘Best of Steps’ press release

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Today I received information on the US release of the Greatest Hits package:

Steps: Best Of Steps (Release Date 19 March 2002)

Steps are a worldwide phenomenon. The band has been certified gold or platinum in a dozen countries, and has sold a whopping 12 million plus records worldwide. With 15 Top 10 hits (including 2 #1’s) in the U.K., their last three releases debuted in the Top 5!

Their pop presence has also been felt in the U.S. Steps’ debut album. Step One, has scanned over 200,000 in the states. The record began to sell immediately following the extremely popular Steps Disney special.. .a sure sign that the band connects with U.S. teens in the same way they do with teens around the globe. Steps were also featured on the hit soundtrack to the smash film “Drive Me Crazy.” This brought the band to the attention of jive label mate (and “Drive Me Crazy” darling) Britney Spears, who later took them out on the road.

Steps’ second U.S. release, entitled Buzz, generated the band’s second #1 U.K. hit, “Stomp,” while the album, debated at #4. Its second single “It’s The Way You Make Me Feel” entered the chart at #2, just as die second season of their U.K. television series, “Steps To The Stars,” began. The U.S. version of Buzz was kicked off with the support of the ever-popular Nickelodeon network, in a one-hour Steps special. Obviously, Steps are no strangers to the world of television.

Much to the dismay of Steps’ millions of worldwide fans, on December 26, 2001, Steps announced that they would no longer continue as a group. As a tribute to these now pop legends, Jive Records is proud to present Best Of Steps. As a special bonus, this collection includes two brand-new, previously unreleased tracks!

After winning multiple prestigious awards, selling millions of records, starring in their own television specials, and selling out arenas with their record-breaking live shows, it is obvious that Steps will be sorely missed. As a cap to their incredibly successful career. Steps was recently awarded a commemorative disc by Sir Tim Rice, celebrating their entry into the “Top 100 Acts Of All Time.” Best Of Steps will act as a lasting tribute to their extensive contribution to pop music.


1. Tragedy
2. One For Sorrow
3. Stomp
4. Love’s Got A Hold On My
5. 5,6,7,8
6. Chain Reaction*
7. It’s The Way You Make Me
8. Say You 11 Be Mine
9. Words Are Not Enough*
10. Heartbeat
*newly recorded & previously unreleased tracks!

Also included was the following information, could make interesting viewing for our US visitors, I wonder how many of our visitors come from the locations below:


1. Chicago
2. New York
3. Los Angeles
4. San Francisco/Oakland/SJose
5. Bosron, MA
6. Seattle, WA
7. Philadelphia, PA
8. Washington, DC
9. Minneapoiis/St. Paul, MN
10. Atlanta, GA

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