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US Album Review, Vote for STEPS, Steps Article – 15th August 2001

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Thanks to a few people who e-mailed me this, Amazon have done a review of the Steps album! It reads as follows;
Editorial Reviews

With their second U.S. release (Step One actually pulled songs from the first two English albums), Steps have confirmed that they may very well be the best bubblegum band on the planet. Unlike most American acts aiming at the teen market, the British quintet doesn’t look to contemporary R&B for inspiration. Instead, it proudly goes back to the heydays of late ’70s and early ’80s pop. The shadow of ABBA looms large, and, unsurprisingly, Steps have charted U.K. hits with covers of songs by Bananarama (“Last Thing on My Mind”), Kylie Minogue (“Better the Devil You Know”), and the Bee Gees (“Tragedy”). The new album continues in the same vein, even if this time around Steps dip their toes in aerobicized funk–“Stomp,” which blatantly quotes Chic’s “Everybody Dance,” is subtitled “a tribute to Bernard Edwards/Nile Rodgers.” Despite a surfeit of ballads dragging things down toward the end, the album mostly zips along with feisty energy. If an unabashedly commercial English import deserves to make it in America, it’s Steps. –Elisabeth Vincentelli

Well there you have it in the last line! But why aren’t they? I won’t be naming names but remember you can go and sign your name on the Stomp to be released in the US partition! – Even this review mentions Stomp! So pop over to and sign!

All go on the news front – who said we don’t bring news :o) This is from Ananova:

Steps star Lee Latchford Evans has revealed he had never been to a gig until he joined the band.
The first group he saw live was Boyzone.
Lee said he never went to concerts as a teenager because he did not have a particular favourite band.
He said: “The first concert I ever went to was when I was in Steps. It was Boyzone actually, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I wanted to see them to see how a concert worked.
“I never had a favourite band. I used to follow Duran Duran, Five Star, Depeche Mode, it was such a mix. But I never wanted to go to concerts and see people ‘cos I was never heavily into one group.”
Steps’ Gold tour kicks off at Sheffield Arena on November 24, and Lee claims Steps fans are in for a treat: “In our tours we do a lot of things differently. We don’t want people to come along and say ‘they did that last time’ or ‘this is what it was like two years ago’ then we’re taking money off them for something they’ve already seen.
“We don’t agree with that. So we like to make it very different and special for our fans and our families.”
Steps release their new single, a cover of the Diana Ross hit Chain Reaction, on September 24, which will be followed by their greatest hits compilation, Gold, on October 15.

Please vote for Steps at the Top Artists poll – you can only vote one every 24hours – Steps are currently way down in the voting so please get voting, click here to vote – Thanks!

Thanks to Chris for sending in these articles from the “Girl About Town” free magazine which is available to London Commuters : Click on the article for full size and therefore readable :o)

For those of you who downloaded a clip of the music music video for Chain Reaction we are glad to say we have the full version up now in the multimedia section of the site.

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