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The Official UK Christmas chart was released today. Firstly a huge shout goes out to Bob The Builder for stopping Westlife getting their 8th consecutive number one single, go Bob go! Amazingly Bob The Builder sold 250,000 copies this week alone!
Thanks to Derek for sending in the Woolworths Chart for week beginning 1st January 2001:

1. Rui Da Sliva (new) £3.99 / £2.29
2. Bob The Builder
3. Steps – ITWYMMF (new) £3.99 / £2.29
4. Westlife – What Makes A Man?
5. Fragma (new) £2.99 / £1.49
6. Eminem
7. Oxide & Neutrino
8. S Club 7
9. Baha Men
10. LeAnn Rimes
15. Lene Marlin – Where I’m Headed (new) £2.99 / £1.49

Woolworths do have Westlife at number one for this week and next and guess what they aren’t! So there you go. Anyway for all of you who keep e-mailing me saying that the new single is out on the 2nd, Derek informs me that Woolworths will be open on January 1st and you CAN buy the single, so I would imagine the same goes for all the other stores, so if you are young enough or also sensible enough ;o) not to so stupid on the 31st (now who isn’t hehe) you can pop into your local store and buy the single! I’m sure the rest of us will get is some other time during the week!

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