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Two singles to support greatest hits album

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Thanks to Derek for this information on the Greatest Hits album:

According to Jive Records UK there is a planned single to precede the greatest hits album released this Autumn, together with at least one more single after the album release. The PR guy also confirmed that Steps would be concentrating on promotion in foreign countries over the next few months.

As Derek pointed out in his e-mail, there seems to be a decision by Jive here to keep Steps in the public eye in the UK so that they won’t go and fade away. A good example of this is B*Witched (yes, they are still going!) – they went over to the US to promote and never seemed to do anything in the UK, then they released their album and it didn’t do as well as they hoped.

Thanks to Craig for more information about his chat with H and Claire last week at Live & Kicking. He says that H said that there was lots of plans for the forthcoming tour. Claire mentioned that she got her hair cut as she was bored with it! She said thank you for everyone’s support for A Question of Pop and that she will be on the first show airing on BBC1 on 28 April, and Lee is due to be on the 4th show, four weeks later!

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