Steps in 2022

Truth or Tat, Remix

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This is from Channel 4 Text: Steps riled the ghost of Brockett Hall in Hertfordshire while they filmed the video for Its The Way You Make Me Feel. The ghost of a 19th century poet threw objects around on the set until the band cleared off with the crew (Daily Star) The Truth: “I suspect it may be the people at Brockett Hall trying to get more visitors” guffawed Steps’ baffled press spokey, “I haven’t heard anything from the band themselves.” Thanks to Stewart for telling us that the Too Busy Thinking About My Baby WIP Remix is like the Tragedy one, so thats a good one to get down and dance too! This is from Worldpop: Gaynor Watkins, the mother of Steps member H (Ian Watkins), has been banned from driving after admitting drink-driving. Magistrates at Pontypridd, Wales, heard she had 50 microgrammes of alcohol in her blood. The legal limit is 35. Mrs Watkins was banned from driving for three months and fined �350. In interviews, H has often credited his mum with encouraging him to become a performer. Also from Worldpop: ‘I’d like to say that all those rumours about me and my boyfriend Jasper getting engaged – well, they’re not rumours,’ Faye told this fortnight’s issue of Smash Hits. ‘We haven’t announced it because we didn’t want to, it’s our news, not everyone else’s, and it’s not about Steps, it’s about me and my boyfriend,’ she added. Faye Tozer has been going out with Jasper for several years and the couple live together. Like Faye, Jasper is a musician and even picked up a songwriting credit on Steps’ recent album, Buzz. Rumours that Jasper is a magician and that Faye used to work as his assistant are completely false! In the same issue of Smash Hits, the other members of Steps have spoken about their love lives. Claire Richards revealed that she is currently attached and is very happy while Lisa Scott-Lee describes her love life as ‘boom-tastic’ as she is dating Johnny from new band, Boom. Lee and H are currently the only single members of the band. Everyone at worldpop would like to say congratulations to Faye and Jasper and commiserations to TV comedian Mark Lamarr who was openly smitten with the singer.

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