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TOTP, Soccer 6, Belgium, Tour 2001, Live Music Video?

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Thanks to everyone for pointing this out, after yesterdays TOTP on BBC1 Jamie Theakston they said next week they will have an exclusive performance from Steps! So watch out for that! Also Steps are due to be on this weeks Pepsi Chart Show also!Here are lots of news bits from various places around the world! Soccer 6 Tournament:- (News from the Official Site) We all know that Lee is taking part in the mens tournament in Ant & Decs team but we now know that Faye & Lisa are also taking part in the womens tournment this month.. Belguim Album Chart:- Steps album Buzz has gone PLATINUM!!! Only 3 weeks in the charts and despite not reaching the top 10 yet! Tour 2001:- We are lead to believe that tickets for the forthcoming Steps tour will go on sale on Saturday 26th May. Of course with any sort of release date there is a slight chance that they could be put back to June 2nd, either way one of those two dates should be correct. Step in to Xmas Video:- I get many many e-mails about the last tour being released onto video. We have heard news that it could be released as early (if it is to be released of course!) in June. But as with the last live music videos a release more closer to Christmas is probably more likely. You’ll Be Sorry Video: I’m sure many of you, like me, where watching The Box yesterday hoping to see the other Steps video added! Well it wasn’t but we do believe it will be on their playlist come next Friday 11th May! So keep watching out for that! Greatest Hits album:- The fourth album from the British phenomenon, Steps, may include songs from their tours. The songs that will be put on the album will be up to Steps AND their fans (Not totally confirmed yet). Possible tracks include the following:- We’re Gonna Have A Party, I Know Him So Well, Stomp, Tragedy, 5678, Here And Now, Just Like The First Time, R Dancing, Things Can Only Get Better, After The Love Has Gone Fire Questions At Steps!!!!:- If you watched Newsround on Friday 4th May you would have found out that Steps will be in London in a few weeks answering your questions on absolutly ANYTHING!!! They will be in a TV studio in London, near the Newsround studio at the end of May… To get your questions answered you can either go down to the studio or send them in to Newsround BEFORE May 14th!!! You can get all the details from the Newsround website. Steps no.1??:- Steps may have an easy shot at the no.1 spot as news of Shaggy’s & Five’s singles have given them a boost. Five’s single Pour Some Sugar On Me could be delayed until the end of June due to the lack of a video & promotion whilst Shaggy’s (Your My) Angel could be put back to 4th June as his other single It Wasnt Me is doing extremely well in the charts at present. REVIEWS:- BUZZ REVIEW: MTVASIA:- This is a review of Buzz by the reviewers of “”Wahey! It’s our favorite (other than S Club 7 of course!) U.K. boy/girl group, Steps coming at’cha with their third studio album “Buzz.” What does it sound like? A right stomper with a huge buzzz! You May Have Heard: Oh, it depends really. For the regional fans, definitely their first Asian track, “The Way You Make Me Feel” and probably “Stomp” if you’ve got the “Mega Hit 10” compilation album. If you have their previous singles, you may also have heard “Better The Devil You Know” and “Summer Of Love.” Happy and chirpy stuff huh? No one does it better than Steps with the girls’ (and a little bit from the boys as well) powerful vocals and big choruses that’s iced with a funky retro touch. So to all the posers out there, smoochy smoochy! You lot stand no chance at all It’s still the Steps-esque tunes with a slightly slicker production that we have finally grown to love. But what’s up the solemn looking album cover for the Asian edition of “Buzz?” A bit scary, don’t you think? We’d much prefer the bright and perky U.K. edition.Overall Verdict: Not much of a rollercoaster ride with the mid-tempos but there’re enough feel good tunes for you to chill out with your mates. Forget about playing it loud to annoy your parents though. Then again, they would probably clap their hands and join in the party as well! “” – reviewer – Britpopster

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