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Electric has charted at #13

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Electric has officially charted at #13 in the Official UK Chart this evening, which means Lisa has missed out on the top ten placement she was hoping for.

Manager Nathan Moore has already contacted Lisa’s official site with a message.

Here is Nathan’s message with a few adjustments to spelling and grammar.

As Lisa’s manager, I am determined to get Lisa back to where she belongs. We start with Japan, Australia and South Africa, and eventually we will look at the United Kingdom again – but only after a long break from the UK!

I’m 200% behind Lisa and will do everything I can to get Lisa back to where she belongs. We will be making a album to release outside the UK, but we are sure that fans will be able to get a copy over the internet, perhaps even through Lisa’s website (we’ll look into this).


So it appears that Lisa’s tour of Asia starts here, as she leaves British soil to release ‘Electric’ – and finally, her album. And judging by Nathan’s message, she’s keeping him on as her manager.

Meanwhile, MTV are having a bit of fun with their presenter’s t-shirts:

So the chart position may not be that brilliant, but it’s an improvement on ‘Get It On’, and now it looks like we’ll finally be getting an album from Lisa Scott-Lee. So maybe the future, as they say, looks bright once again. 🙂

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