Steps in 2022

The next Generation STEPS

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Welcome to a totally refreshed Generation STEPS! We’ve just gone through months of work to bring you our best offering ever, which involves a lot of few features!

We’ve painstakingly gone through every single page on our site and reorganised anything we felt could be improved. And you’re looking at the results right now! We hope you like it.

For starters, you’ll see some new links across the top. In the STEPS Archive, you’ll find everything about STEPS, including some brand new sections on merchandise and magazine articles.

Under Solo Projects you’ll find everything that Lee, Claire, Lisa, Faye and Ian have done after STEPS, from H&Claire to Never Or Now. There’s more information than we’ve ever had before, so take a look around!

You’ll also notice the return of our media player. Thanks to streaming technology, we’ve now got a handful of videos for you to watch, as well as all the old pictures (and a few new ones!).

Don’t forget to have a listen to Lisa’s new album in our audio sampler.

We’ve even got a brand new mobile site which you can access with your phone at On there you’ll find the latest news article that’s posted on Generation STEPS and a few images you can download. Super!

We hope you like the new-and-improved Generation STEPS. Tell us what you think about the new site here.

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