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The day I met Steps! by Emma

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We have a report from GenSTEPS reader Emma today – she got to meet STEPS, so thank you very much for sending is for everyone to read. So over to Emma:

I’d like to start by introducing myself, my name is Emma Hornsby and I live in Consett Co. Durham, I am 25 yrs of age and a huge Steps fan.

On Saturday 16 October I won a competition on Live & Kicking to go and see Steps in concert and to meet them backstage. Well, I was ecstatic to say the least! I decided to take my sister with me as she likes Steps too, but not half as much as me. Anyway, we were both really nervous about meeting Steps, and as we soon discovered there was absolutely no need to be. Jive Records sent me the tickets along with a very nice accompanying letter explaining what would happen when we got there. Things were quite a bit different from what we expected, I thought that we would be the only ones there to meet Steps, but there were about five other competition winners. We were met at the main box office and taken up about three floors in a lift, and shown into this room backstage, which was really bare. Nobody told us what was going to happen, but I guessed that Steps were just gonna come out and meet us. I was standing talking to my sister, and I heard this familiar voice, I looked up and there was Lee a couple of metres away. He immediately started signing autographs, it was weird because all of the fans there were really calm and it all seemed very surreal.

Lee made his way around the room chatting to the fans and getting photos taken until he came to me and my sister Amy (she’s the one with blonde hair in the photos). I was so nervous I was trembling (Lee is my favourite), he noticed and just smiled at me, I think he found it quite amusing, I got my Steptacular CD signed and a photo taken with him and he asked where we were from and we said near Newcastle and he said that he didn’t think we had Manc accents. Then we told him that we were going to one of the Newcastle shows as well as today, and he was saying that we’d be bored of it by then. He was so nice, I love him even more now that I’ve met him.

Well, then came H (he wasn’t leaping about like he normally is) he must’ve toned down his act so that he didn’t scare the younger fans. He seemed really chuffed that we like the new album too.

Faye was next, what can I say but she is a lovely person and even prettier in real life, and Claire, she’s so tiny, I bent down a little when I got my photo taken with her and she said “Don’t bend down!” it was really funny.

Lisa seemed to be more interested in seeing her friends who had turned up to see her at the same time, so it was a bit of a struggle getting an autograph and photo but we got there eventually. We must have been in there about five minutes and then we were rushed off to find our seats to watch the show. The show was absolutely amazing, if anyone hasn’t been to see them yet… go and see them!

Steps are amazing I love them all.

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